Loan Programs

Octant understands that not all credit unions want to approach member business lending in the same way. For this reason, Octant offers several service levels to its clients so that an appropriate program can be designed and implemented. All service levels include:


  • Program design and accompanying roll-out plan;
  • Loan request underwriting and servicing;
  • Regulatory compliant commercial lending policy;
  • Standard loan accounting reports;
  • Initial program training

Services offered in more comprehensive levels include:

  • Preparation of annual reviews;
  • Loan portfolio reviews;
  • Documentation;
  • Access to secure website;
  • Additional on-site staff training;
  • Direct mail marketing campaigns;
  • MBL marketing plan and component template

The availability of these services combined with Octant’s commitment to provide an environment that is conducive to the achievement of your member business lending goals allow for a client-focused approach to business lending.