Octant is familiar with various business models currently in place to develop a successful CMBL program and will provide various levels of support based upon the existing experience, skill sets and training needs of the CMBL staff.  A comprehensive and customized training plan for designated personnel is established to meet the CMBL program goals of the client credit union.  Generally, a presentation is made to all individuals who will be involved in the CMBL program and use of the products and services provided by Octant.  This group usually includes sales, business development, marketing, accounting and other administrative personnel.  Thereafter, the focus is on training customized to specific functions and processes (information gathering, loan application submission, loan approval process, relationship management, etc.).  Once the CMBL program is implemented, Octant provides ongoing training on an as needed basis to help our clients achieve their CMBL goals.  Additionally, client user group meetings are held on a variety of topics (SBA lending, NCUA regulatory changes, best practices, etc.) for all client credit unions.  

Concurrent with the training plan rollout, Octant will work with senior management to establish a CMBL credit policy for board approval.  A regulatory compliant CMBL credit policy template is provided that allows for customization of certain thresholds and requirements based on the risk tolerance of each client credit union.  Additionally, this template is continuously maintained and updated by Octant to ensure compliance with NCUA rules as well as commercial lending regulatory safety and soundness guidelines.  

The time period to complete training and launch the CMBL program is a variable one depending on the credit union’s existing staffing, product mix, etc.  On average, it takes approximately 60 to 120 days to complete this process.  Lastly, an annual portfolio loan review examination is conducted by an independent, third party firm and the results are provided to each client credit union.

Best Practices and Services

Throughout the year, Octant meets with its clients individually and in group settings to provide relevant and topical business lending training and to share best practices. Topics vary depending upon client need and industry trends.


Octant publishes newsletters for their clients which focus on industry trends, changes to procedures, enhancements to lending services, and other relevant topics.

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